About Siteworks Drilling Ltd.

Siteworks Drilling Ltd is a reputable gas drilling and civil engineering contractor in New Zealand with involvement in various directional drilling and civil construction projects. With over 25 years experience in this field, we have completed many notable private and commercial projects. We are preferred contractors for a number of reputable clients in New Zealand.

Siteworks Drilling  Ltd is a horizontal directional drilling company with over 100 years collective experience in delivering civil works to a wide range of industries (Telecommunication/Utility/Construction). We also have the skills required to perform all the civil and reinstatement tasks associated with drilling operations. Siteworks Drilling operations cover the whole of North Island. As a service provider to the telecommunication and construction industries, we have built up a network of reliable and professional partners.

Using a directional drill has minimal impact on the surrounding areas and is a viable option when trenching or excavating is not practical. It is a cleaner, faster and often, less expensive method. We can successfully drill in a multiplicity of soil types and conditions. Directional Drilling is not only the best, but sometimes the only option for drilling in an environmentally sensitive area, under roads, waterways, or a developed landscape.

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