Our Services

Siteworks Drilling Ltd collectively has over 100 years experience in delivering civil works to a wide range of industries. We are experienced in performing the following works:

Directional Drilling

Siteworks Drilling Ltd. have the experience and knowledge to take any directional drilling project from large to small. Siteworks Drilling Ltd. is specialized in Gas, Electrical, Telecommunication, storm water and sewage.

We provide our clients with unmatched drilling performance, made possible by the most accomplished people in the industry and most rugged, dependable technology available from initiation to closing of the project.

Siteworks Drilling Ltd. Provide the following advantages for our clients:

* Reduced cost with record setting on-bottom drilling time

* Experienced, diligent specialist focused on performance and safety

* Unparallel customer service

* We provide qualified personnel and use leading edge technology to plan and execute the project meeting the scope, time and quality.


Drills can go where diggers can’t.

Thrusting is a simple method for installing small diameter services or short lengths. An air powered impact tool forces its way through the ground towing the service pipe behind it.

Thrusting is a suitable option for installing water lines, sewer services (depending on grade required), gas line replacements and communication ducts.

The machine is set up in a pit on one side of the road and is pneumatically operated under the road to a pit on the other side. The pipe or duct can be pushed through manually or attached to the back of the machine depending on ground conditions and materials being used. This can be used under roads, driveways, paved or cobbled areas or areas inaccessible to diggers.

Trenching and Civil

We pride ourselves on meeting the demands of customers, while offering reliable and professional results. We also supply the right equipment and skilled professionals to meet all the project scope on a safely manner and without compromising the quality standards. our services include Landscaping, Rock Breaking, Hole Drilling, Site Clearing.


Siteworks Drilling Ltd. takes care of all the construction needs from the initiation to closing of the project. Proper planning is done before execution and while executing the project all the safety measures are taken care of meeting the standards and requirements. Siteworks Drilling Ltd. have experience in foundations, block and building works.


Civil Works

Siteworks Drilling Ltd is a well established Civil Engineering company. We are experienced in civil construction projects and getting the work done on time. Our services include earthmoving, road works and reinstatement services for residential and commercial projects. Our highly skilled team know how to successfully complete all projects on time and on budget.



Asphalt & Concrete Reinstatement

Siteworks Drilling Ltd. has the ability to do all the jobs from concrete to asphalt footpath to road  repairs. Siteworks Drilling Ltd. crews are highly skilled and experienced in meeting your reinstatement needs.

Member of MCPA


Through our years of experience in the Telco and Powerco industries we have the know how and expertise to install fibre optic cables and copper cables. With a combined 60 years of hauling within our haul team we have the capabilities to handle any size job and pride ourselves on delivering on time for our clients. We can also blow fibre through subducts and multiducts as part of this service. Adding hauling to our infrastructure helps make completing work easier for our clients as it reduces time and costs for them, while helping us to cover more aspects within the civil underground industry.